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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Blogroll Updated

On the right sidebar of this blog, I've long had an extensive blogroll, named Helm of Telepathy after the magic item included in the Holmes Basic magic item list. It's as much for myself as others, and where I often looks for new posts on other blogs. 

Recently I had to recreate this blogroll, as the previous widget used by Blogger was no longer functioning correctly. I took the opportunity to split it into several categories: the aforementioned Helm of Telepathy, which remains the main one for RPG blogs; Miniatures Gaming; Fiction & Tolkienana; Text Adventures, for both text-based computer games and printed gamebooks; and Misc (these links will only work in desktop mode, as the sidebar is not visible in mobile mode). My total "Reading List", which I believe can only be seen in the Blogger controls, currently includes 113 blogs.

Below those, I also include the feed for Old School RPG Planet, the blog aggregator managed by Alex Schroeder, who blogs here.

In recreating the blogroll, I eliminated a number of blogs that had not been updated in a year or more, or for which I couldn't get the RSS feed to work correctly. 

If you are reading this and have a blog that you think I would like, and would like me to add it, please leave the link or name in a comment below.


  1. I would submit --- thanks!

  2. My B/X blog is, with something new posted most weeks.

  3. I think you might enjoy mine? It's

    (actually, I thought I was on yours ... so if you ditched it for some reason, I'm sorry to see that, but will accept that, of course)