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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Holmes Panel at NTRPG Con 2016

If you are going to the North Texas RPG Convention (NTRPG Con) this June, registration begins tonight at midnight in the Texas time zone (Central Standard Time).

I'll be going to this con for the first time this year, and will be participating in a Holmes panel/reading/seminar/Q&A with Chris Holmes and Allan Grohe (aka grodog on various forums). The event is listed as part of the NTRPG Con schedule, Saturday June 4th at 9 AM. There doesn't seem to be a direct link, but I've posted a screen shot of the listing above. If you go to the Event List and search for "Holmes", you should find it.

I'll be playing in a bunch of games at the con as well, and hope to meet some other Holmes fans while I'm there.