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The Forgotten Smugglers' Cave: Index of Posts

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Holmes Website

Chris Holmes, son of J. Eric Holmes, now has his own website at

There's a lot of fun stuff over there: 

-An article by Chris about his father's favorite authors, accompanied by a previously unpublished photo (an alternate of the one appearing in Holmes' 1981 FRPG book)

-A list of 100+ his father's hardcover sci-fi, fantasy and horror books that Chris has for sale; if interested you can contact him through the site

-Samples of Chris' own artwork

-A section where you can ask questions of the great Cthulhu 

For the uninitiated, J Eric Holmes' earliest D&D games were played with Chris, his brother Jeff and other friends. Two of Chris' earliest characters were none other than Boinger the Halfling and Zereth the Elf, and Murray the Mage was run by his friend Eric. These characters and others were part of Holmes' campaign prior to editing the Basic D&D rulebook. Chris provided illustrations for some of the Boinger and Zereth stories, including Trollshead in The Dragon #31.