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Saturday, December 21, 2019

RPGForge on Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain and the Legacy of Zenopus

RPGForge, a newish blog that I have recently become aware of, has two posts from the last week that should be of interest to readers here. Each presents a detailed and thoughtful take on the topic at hand.


The first, from December 15th, is a review & adaptation (to their preferred RPG system) of my one-page dungeon Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain:

Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain

SPOILER WARNING: I'll be discussing this micro-dungeon in detail so AVOID if you want to play through it yourself. Zenopus Archives is a great site dedicated to 'Blue Book' or 'Holmesian' D&D - nothing to do with Sherlock but rather Eric Holmes who authored the first Basic D&D rules in 1977.

The second, from December 16th, is titled "Legacy of Zenopus" and takes a deep delve into the Zenopus sample dungeon:

Legacy of Zenopus

Gygax was a weird polymath with a fascination for medieval details but Holmes was the more orderly mind and, as an author, a better stylist to boot. In place of Gygax's long-winded and rather scholarly disquisitions, Holmes was the master of the poignant detail that lodges in the imagination.

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