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Thursday, November 21, 2019

"RPG Retro Review: Tower of Zenopus"

Over on Youtube, Captcorajus has a great 18 minute video review of the Zenopus Dungeon, entitled "RPG Retro Review: Tower of Zenopus" (link). He walks through the dungeon and includes images of his stunning Hirst Arts version of the dungeon. And he kindly refers viewers to this blog! He also mentions that he will playing in my Zenopus game at Scrum Con 2020 (Feb 29th).

Also see his 2015 review of the entire Holmes Basic rulebook (link). 

RPG Retro Review: Tower of Zenopus

Let's go back to 1977 and take a look at the sample dungeon champion of the world, 'The Tower of Zenopus' from the Holmes Basic Set of Dungeons and Dragons. Zenopus Archives: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paratime Design: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Patreon Page: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: Dungeons and Dragons RPG Reviews:


  1. Thank yo for our website and all the hard work you have put into it! I began playing D&D with the Holmes edition and the original 3 Brown books and have moved through D&D but decided to stop after 3.5 came out. Your site has inspired me to run a campaign with the Holmes Edition using the First Fantasy Campaign as a setting. We will begin in Port Town and adventure from there!
    Thank you and I hope you continue your excellent work!

    1. You're welcome and thank you for the kind words. Let me know how your campaign turn out!