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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Proofing Deeper, update

I didn't post much here last month; I was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Orcas Island, Seattle, Olympic Peninsula), and my spare time after returning was spent on proofreading Delving Deeper, Volume 3 (which covers monsters and treasure). I posted a few months ago that I was assisting with this. I finished this last week and all of my proofreading notes for the three volumes are now with the editor. So, if you are waiting for this product, I can confirm that progress is being made. 

By the way, the Delving Deeper page has the following updates:

Pre-Order Sales have ended, regular sales will begin after all of the pre-orders have shipped.


Delving Deeper RPG pdfs will be available to everyone who has pre-ordered in a few weeks. The hardcopy boxed sets will start shipping a few weeks after that. Only after all the pre-ordered hard copies have shipped, will the free version of the PDFs will become available to the public for download. Posted 07/06/2012

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