Thursday, June 7, 2012

Proofing Deeper

     I just wanted to confirm that I am currently assisting (along with others) in the proofreading for the upcoming retroclone of the LBBs, Delving Deeper, as mentioned in the May Delving Deeper Update on the Brave Halfling blog.

     Progress is being made on this front. As the co-author/editor Simon (aka waysoftheearth) posted yesterday, "Vol 1 has been proof read and is getting pretty close to being "ready"".

     Note that according to the Delving Deeper pre-order page, "Less than 25 Boxed Sets are Available for Pre-Order. Once they are sold, there will be no more from Brave Halfling Publishing. Our publishing partner, Immersive Ink will take over publishing and supporting Delving Deeper RPG" (Immersive Ink will be run by Simon).

8/5/12 update: I took out the link to the pre-order page, as it was no longer valid since the pre-order has finished.


  1. Glad to hear it. Any idea when it will be available? Been waiting a long time.

    1. I can't give a good answer since I'm not in charge. But I will say that I've sent in my proofreading comments for Vol 2.