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Thursday, November 10, 2011

OSR Search Engine

This is cool...a spot for "OSReSearch". It's a Google based search engine for OSR-related material; a list of indexed sites is here. Searching "Holmes Basic" brings up various blogs (including this one) and forums (Dragonsfoot, OD&D Discussion, Acaeum). Nice place to search all of these at once.

It also has a brief intro to the OSR, so I've put a link to the engine in my little OSR logo to the right.

The creater, untimately, also has his own blog - - and is a member at OD&D Discussion.


  1. Cool link! By the way, did you see Delta's review of Maze of Peril?

  2. I did, but thanks for reminding me I need to head over there and leave him a comment.