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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Roundup of Holmes-Related Posts

I've had this list on the ZA site (here) for a while but hadn't posted it on the blog. I revised it a few days ago to add some new blogs and posts.

The blogs are ordered chronologically starting with the blog with the oldest post at top, and then for each blog the posts are ordered by date to the right. The subject matter includes anything related to Holmes Basic (including the Zenopus Dungeon, Skull Mountain, B1, B2, etc) or the other writings of Dr. Holmes.

An asterisk by the name of the blog indicates that the blogger started playing D&D with Holmes Basic. This is based on whether the blogger indicated this somewhere on their blog. 

Feel free to update me with any posts/blogs that I've missed, or let me know if you started with Holmes Basic.

Ten Foot Pole: Skull Mountain

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