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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Arts & Arcana on sale - get the original Tomb of Horrors


The Special Edition of the D&D artbook Arts & Arcana is currently selling for $69.99 on Amazon, plus when I look at the page I'm also seeing a coupon for $23.33, making the total only $46.66. If you can get it for this, it's a great deal for a set that has a list price of $125. 

The real hidden gem of the set is a reprint of the original OD&D tournament version of Tomb of Horrors, in a digest format resembling the LBBs. FWIW, the page says only 10 copies are left in stock.

Arts & Arcana Special Edition

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Amazon is now sold out of the $69.99/$46.66 copies; I'm not sure if they will be adding any more. There are still used copies available on the Amazon page that are being sold by third parties.

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  1. I ran "Tomb of Rahotep" at Founders & Legends, and it was a blast!