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Monday, November 27, 2023

Playing at the World: Second Edition coming next year

Cover of the original printing

As mentioned recently by author Jon Peterson on X, a second edition of his seminal history of D&D, Playing at the World, is coming out next year, via MIT Press.

An Amazon pre-order page exists with a date of August 6th, 2024, with both print and digitial options. No cover image is yet available:

Playing at the World Pre-Order Page

Long out of print, second hand copies of the original printing from 2012 regularly fetch over $200. 

Rather than just a straight reprint, the new edition will be "a pretty pervasive update" per the author, and the Amazon page indicates it will be published in two volumes.

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  1. It's interesting to think about the leap in popularity of dungeons and dragons since the first edition of PatW was released. Even though the book's treatment of the whole history of wargaming served as a prelude to talking about D&D, at least it wasn't marketed as such. That may be partly why it received its reputation as a scholarly text, which it very clearly is. This 2nd edition is subtitled "Invention of D&D". Presumably, volume 2 will have a similar subtitle, "*Blank* of D&D" I just thought the marketing was interesting. If the choice is between buying the WotC "Making of" book or this, I will choose this.