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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gary Con XII Goes Virtual!

Gary Con XII has gone virtual due to COVID-19! 

It starts today, March 26th and runs through Sunday March 29th. 

Tabletop Events has a completely separate site for Virtual Gary Con, and badges are free to all, even if you weren't signed up for the physical con. There are over 650 events on the schedule (mostly RPG, but also including seminars and other group events), and at least 230 of those still have seats available. And you can still sign up for games. The Gary Con Facebook Group is probably the most active site to check in to see what's going on during the con. 

Before last weekend, I had never played on-line, let alone GM'd a game, so I didn't feel comfortable signing up to run one of my previously scheduled games for VGC. But I am signed up to play in a bunch of games using a variety of formats (Roll20, Astral Tabletop, Zoom, Discord, Google Hangouts, Skype), so I am using this as opportunity to learn so I will be able run a game this way in the future.

Last Saturday night I played in a game in Roll20 for the first time. This was run by Scott of my local group, playtesting a game for Virtual Gary Con, "Scooby Doo and the Ghost of Vault 74", a Scooby/Fallout mashup run using Savage Worlds rules. I played Scoob himself. I had to learn a lot of Roll20 technical details, but overall I found it worked very well and enjoyed the session. Scott put a lot of effort into making a fun map for us to interact with. We used the audio/video in the game rather than a separate program, which worked well enough for me. The screenshot below is the welcome screen (from post-session, I didn't think to capture a shot during the game and I wouldn't want to spoil any of it anyway).

See you at the con!


  1. Wow...thanks for the heads up. I might try joining a game!
    : )

  2. I played "In Search of the Nile" last night - had a blast!

    I had forgotten that Holmes wrote a "lost cities" supplement for the game, published in The Dragon, drawing upon traditions from Haggard, Burroughs, and even Lovecraft.

    One of the players in our game actually discovered a lost civilization, so it was fun to see Holmes additions in action!

    1. Wow! I didn't realize they would be using Holmes' Fantasy Supplement for that. Now I see it's mentioned in the event description. Hopefully they will run it again at a future Gary Con.

  3. Glad you guys had fun. Dad loved the lost civilization fiction. I just read "Alan and the Holy Flower" by Haggard. It has a cool lost tribe and a monster.