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The Forgotten Smugglers' Cave: Index of Posts

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tales of Peril Book Club: Index of Posts

Now that Tales of Peril has been available for a few months, I'm starting a new blog series called the "Tales of Peril Book Club". For it I will read through the entirety of Tales of Peril and make post(s) for each chapter/section. I encourage you to read along with me, and the posts will be directed to those who do, and thus will contain spoilers. You have been warned!

I've already re-read the 1st chapter of the Maze of Peril and made several pages of notes, but the first post(s) will deal with covers/index/introduction/etc, so you have a bit of time to get the first chapter read. I expect writing notes/blog posts to take me longer than actually reading the chapters, so posting frequency may vary depending on my schedule. I may split some chapters up into multiple posts if they are getting long. We'll see how it goes.

If you still need a copy, see How to Order Tales of Peril from Black Blade Publishing.

Index of Posts
Cover Art
Dust Jacket Flaps
Front Matter (including Introduction)

The Maze of Peril Chapter 1, Entrances
Scene 1 "The Green Dragon Tavern Was Crowded, Dark, Noisy"
Scene 2 "Rumors of the Fabulous Treasures of the Underworld"
Scene 3 "Murray the Mage, It Is
Scene 4 "Tromping Through the Wilderness"
Scene 5 "The Ancients Worked on a Grand Scale"
Scene 6 "A Map of the Dungeons Explored So Far"
Scene 7 "The Grisly Business of Devouring the Corpses"

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  1. Yay! I will try to comment when it is appropriate.

  2. Also hoping for the ebook (I have the original, though).

  3. We've planned to issue an electronic version of the book, but not until after the first printing of hardcovers sells out. When we do the second printing of hardcovers, we'll correct errors in the first printing, and also layout the book for epub, mobi, and PDF formats (exact e-book formats not determined yet :D ). So, it'll still be at least a little while before this happens. That help?

  4. Oh, I knew that. Just marking my spot in the queue. ;-)

  5. I need to get a "loaner" copy so my friends can read it. I don't really want to loan out my good copy :) Maybe that's petty. Only a few things I don't like to loan. Castle Zagyg, Saga of Old City (hardcover tlg), my re-bound HackMaster4e PH with errata pasted in, and Tales of Peril. There are probably a few others but anytime I can, I snag extra copies of things I might loan out.