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Monday, November 21, 2016

Character Creation Worksheet without line shading

I had a request for a version of the Character Creation Worksheet without line shading so that it easier to use with a highlighter (the link is to the previous blog post about it which has a link to the original version with line shading). A screenshot of this modified sheet is posted above, and the 1-page pdf is now available for downloading:

(direct link)

It can also be accessed from the Holmes Ref page on the Zenopus Archives site.

If this version is preferred, I will replace it in the Holmes Ref 1.0 compilation. I had put the shaded lines in for readability because the page is so busy. But this version should use less slightly less printer ink and (in addition to being able to be used with a highlighter) may generally serve better as a worksheet/character sheet, being easier to write/erase on the unshaded lines. Let me know.


  1. Many thanks! This is very helpful for using with high-lighters.

  2. I apologize if I'm about to ask something really stupid, but my understanding of the Holmes rules was that there's no distinction between "race" and "class." Elves are automatically played as Fighter/Magic Users and Dwarves and Halflings are automatically Fighters. This character sheet seems to suggest a different system, where the non-humans can be Thieves as well. Is this a matter of interpretation/house rules or am I misreading my Holmes?

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. "Race as class" wasn't implemented until the next iteration of Basic (Moldvay). Holmes merely presented a simplified subset of the OD&D options. While he only presents the rules for Dwarves and Hobbits to be Fighters, he says "any human character can be a fighting man and all halflings and dwarves are members of the fighter class, unless they opt to be thieves" and "There are special rules for halflings, dwarves and elves who wish to be thieves — these are given in ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS" (pg 6). In the Holmes Manuscript, the reference to AD&D was instead to OD&D. The Holmes module B1 also include pre-gens who were demi-human thieves. So most Holmes enthusiasts include the thief option for demi-humans. They do get bonuses to thief skills as detailed in Greyhawk, but I don't think I could fit them on this sheet!