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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dragon+ 5 Wallpaper

The Wizards released this wallpaper today taken from the latest issue of "Dragon+", apparently a free app successor to Dragon magazine that you can read here. Click on the web version and the whole issue should show up in your browser.

Naturally I immediately noted some thematic similarities to the Holmes Basic cover by David Sutherland: a blue-robed wizard on the left casting a spell at a centered Red Dragon on a huge pile of gold with an embedded open treasure chest. The warrior has gone missing, though perhaps he's the target of the dragon breath.

Since Dragon+ is free, I took a look at the issue, which has an article about the art on page 9 and an interview with the artist, Todd James. He started playing D&D around 1979/1980 and recently started playing again (5E). The art is taken from a larger piece that is a T-shirt design for Wizards. He writes, "It’s inspired by the D&D logo but is also a slight nod to the old box, with a wizard facing a dragon who’s sitting on a pile of treasure. The references I used from fifth edition were the head shape of the Ampersand logo and red dragons."

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