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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain

Screenshot of Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain

Click here to download Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain

Here's something I finally had a chance to finish up. I turned the Monster Mountain micro-dungeon I posted here last year into a one-page pdf. It's written up for Holmes Basic, using the stat block from the original B2 Keep on the Borderlands - DX stat included. However, you should be able to use with any old D&D without changing anything.

It's modified a bit from the original write-up. I added one of my favorite monsters - stirges - to room 3 to explain the gem stuck in the crack in the floor. In Holmes Basic, stirges are treasure type Q, which is Gems or Jewelry only. I interpret this as a fondness for gems.

It's intended as an introductory adventure for new players, especially kids. The dungeon is a simple puzzle, and relies on text adventure type solutions - most rooms have an obstacle that can be overcome using an item found in a different room, although this being D&D other solutions are certainly possible, as determined by the DM.

The dungeon was built out of Lego Heroica, the sadly discontinued Lego game series from a few years back. If you have a few Lego Heroica sets you could recreate the dungeon build yourself. Otherwise it should be simple to recreate with dungeon tiles or for player(s) to map.

I ran this dungeon for a child running a single 4th level fighter, but it should work for four 1st level characters. So I'd call it an introductory adventure for 3-5 character levels. 

I've also added it to the resources on the Holmes Ref page.


  1. Great idea to use the Heroica sets! For those who want them, I find 3-4/year at thrift stores. Not always complete (although so far most have been), and usually they're the Harry Potter ones, but you can get some great pieces for like $4-5.

  2. Zach it's Noah Green here (my Blogger profile is stuck as "Sparc Spread").

    Just discovered this because of another post on FB:

    It looks wonderful - I really want to try it! Which Heroica sets do you need to build this? (I have Draida Bay only.)


    1. Hmm, not sure I remember now! We had all of the sets except Caverns of Nathuz (which we never got) by this date, and IIRC they were all mixed together when we were doing this. Plus we also bought extra tiles as the Lego shop at various times, so there could be some of those in there, too. I'm sorry I can't be more specific!