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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zargon Beckons

Over on Dragonsfoot, paleologos has proposed an extensive 'campaign sourcebook' to supplement the module B4 The Lost City (1982) by Tom Moldvay. The compilation will include retrospectives, background material and expansions (he did this before for B1, which you can find via this page). He is soliciting authors for various topics; see the proposed table of contents. He is also asking for artwork contributions, which inspired me to sketch the above monstrosity. Furthermore, he's started a thread on Holmes Basic section of the OD&D Discussion board to discuss any possible connections with the Holmes rules. This was one of the earliest B/X modules and there is the possibility that is was originally written for the earlier Basic set, like B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (as confirmed by Frank Mentzer).


  1. Hmmm I always liked Zargon, while it is no slouch the real issue is dealing with the folks that venerate it.

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