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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dungeon Crawl #3

Cover of Dungeon Crawl #3, screenshot of the Lulu preview, art by Victor Vasnetsov, 1882

Wayne Rossi of the Semper Initiativus Unum blog has just released Dungeon Crawl #3. The links for it are pasted below. I'm happy to have made a small contribution, an article called "Lesser Magic Items" that describes twenty weak magic items for 1st level characters. These are written with Holmes Basic in mind but really can be used for any OSR D&D. It's in the vein of my list of One Hit Point Monsters. Wayne arranged for three pictures of the items by John Blaszczyk to accompany the article which is quite neat for me to see. This is my first article in an independent publication outside my blog/site.

The centerpiece of the zine is "The Dungeons of Xenopus, Level 2" by Wayne which serves as a continuation of the Holmes Basic Sample Dungeon, although he notes it can easily be used on its own or as part of another dungeon. The map is nicely rendered by Dyson Logos with a circular layout by Wayne true to the first level of the dungeon. Wayne also adds touches to the dungeon to connect it thematically with the 1st level and Holmes' other writings, and there two illustrations also by John Blaszczyk to accompany particular encounters. You'll have to read or play in it to learn about these!

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DrivethruRPG (PDF): (link includes affiliate number)

Interview with Wayne about the zine:


  1. I just read the magazine and really dug your "Lesser Magic Items" article. Nice work!

    I thought the "Ring of Escape" should also work on floors and wall, not just ceilings. Then, I realized that it would become a "Ring of Getting to the Next Level of the Dungeon Without Finding the Staircase."