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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Names One-Sheet

Screenshot of Holmesian Random Names One-Sheet

I've formatted the Holmesian Random Name tables as a one-page pdf. 

Download it here (version 1.0 - no shading) or here (version 1.1 - with line shading)

Upgraded features:
1. More Holmes. I went through Holmes' D&D fiction and added a bunch more syllables. 
It's now possible to roll up Boinger, Zereth, Ajax or other names from Holmes' stories. 

As a result there are now 200 entries for the syllable portion. Some appear twice, all of which are ones that appeared in two different names in the sources. So there's a slightly higher chance of rolling one of these syllables.

I added the syllables "Ek" and "Omes" so you could possibly roll up "Erekomes" (which I once used for a wizard's name). The list already had the syllables "Car" "Mich" and "Ael" from the "Saint Carmichael" mentioned in B1, so I wanted a Holmes tribute as well.

2. More Titles. There are now 100 entries on the title table. The additional ones are just from brainstorming on my part for interesting titles. I made an effort to include terms favored by H.P. Lovecraft (gibbous, beetling etc) since Holmes was a big fan of his work.

The one-sheet includes a few examples created using the new sheet (and Holmes dice, of course). Here are a few more:

Am-zef the Arcane
Alem Yor the Ominous
Ger Arkagaith 
Zengar Ky the Dandy
Sporr the Perceptive

Update: I revised the table to include line shading for readability. This is version 1.1. I'll leave up the original version (1.0) in case that is preferred by anyone.

1 comment:

  1. Good to see that Kracky the Hooded One is accounted for.