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Monday, May 6, 2013

The J. Eric Holmes Collection

Some of the 200 lbs of minis collected by J. Eric Holmes - photo by Billy Galaxy

Big news in the world of Holmes Basic: as posted over on the Acaeum, the J. Eric Holmes collection has been bought from his family by Billy Galaxy, who runs a vintage/import toy store of the same name. He currently has about a dozen items from the collection up on Ebay (see here), with more to come in the future once the material is sorted.

In his post, Billy writes: "Being an avid collector of this stuff myself I am holding onto the lions share, but there is still some great stuff that I will bring to market soon. But fear not fellow adventurers as the collection will not remain unseen in my dragons hoard, rather I will endeavor to share this fantastic find with the community through my own site (which has remained dormant for too long and this is the perfect excuse to relaunch) as well as through the Zenopus Archives and various forums (it will be a blast settling some age old debates and questions with cold hard proof)." 

Given my interests, I was naturally very excited to hear that the collection includes drafts and manuscripts for the Holmes Basic rulebook. See here for some pictures of these in another thread started by Billy. It's great that Dr. Holmes retained this material and that it is in the hands of someone who can appreciate it and has the resources to process the large quantity of materials. I spoke with Billy on the phone last week and as he wrote above he hopes to share information from this historic collection with the community.


  1. I can't begin to say how exciting this development is, especially given that Billy has indicated he's not just going to lock it all away in a vault. I look forward to seeing some of the long-standing questions about the TSR edit of Holmes Basic answered at long last.

  2. I hope there is some cool discoveries.