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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holmes Basic Community on G+

I've just created a Holmes Basic Community of G+. I'll start posting links to my blog posts over there if you want to follow them there (rather than here), plus other random comments and links to other blogs that may not warrant a full post here.

It's private, so you'll have to request to join or see the content, although the community is publicly searchable on Google+ (i.e., anyone can search and find it, and then request to join). 

Below is a link if you wish to join. You'll need to be a Google Plus member first.

Holmes Basic G+ Community (link no longer active as of 2019 when G+ was shut down)

[This community lasted until April 2019, when G+ was shut down. Over 2,000 posts to the community are preserved as a blog title the Holmes Basic Community Archive]

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