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Monday, September 12, 2011

Revised: References to Weapons not found in the Equipment List

On the page "References in the rulebook that are not described" (which can be a tool for clarifying/expanding/integrating Holmes), revised Part B "REFERENCES TO WEAPONS NOT FOUND ON THE EQUIPMENT LIST" to include references to war hammers, clubs and cutlasses.

The war hammer is missing from the Holmes equipment lists, despite the 1st print of Holmes mentioning a War Hammer +1 (pg 35, Armor and Weapons list), +2 (pg 35, explanation of Magical Weapons) and +3 (pg 6, Dwarves). This does not originate in Holmes, since the Men & Magic equipment list is also missing a war hammer while Monsters & Treasure has a War Hammer +1, +2 and +3 in the Miscellaneous Weapons magic item list (pg 24). Greyhawk includes only a "Dwarven Hammer" in the variable weapon damage table that does 1-6 damage (pg 15).

Clerics: “mace or the quarter staff” (pg 6)

Poisoned Weapons: “a curare tipped blowgun dart” (pg 19)

Missile Fire: Table includes Horse Bow (Short Composite Bow), Sling Stone and Javelin (pg 20); “…unless in a very high roofed area, all slinging, as well as long range fire, is not possible” (pg 20)

Example of Combat: ""Bruno the Battler" smashes open a dungeon door and is confronted by a big goblin in chainmail armed with a scimitar." (pg 21)

Lizard Man entry: "They are at least semi-intelligent and use such weapons as spears and clubs" (pg 29)

Nixie entry: “they carry javelins” (pg 30; 1st only)

Sample Dungeon, Room M: The pirates "are armed with cutlasses" (pg 43/44)

Sample Dungeon, Room N: "skeleton ... armed with a curved scimitar" (pg 44/45)

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