Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Ruined Tower of Zenopus Adaptation by An Abominable Fancy

Joel Priddy over at An Abominable Fancy has a great series of posts on his adaptation of The Ruined Tower of Zenopus to his own game world! 

Here is an excerpt:

"Portown becomes Bandar Arzoo, an outpost of Parsas, the pseudo-Persia of my campaign. Built on the ruins of an ancient city, the base of most of the buildings are large blocks of milky-white rock, fitted without mortar, remnants from the ruin. The town's master is a badly-mutilated Rakshasa in magical disguise, bidding his time being devilishly charming and enjoying what luxuries his position affords until he is sufficiently recovered to cause some real trouble.
The Green Dragon Inn becomes Tennin Ad-ham, which serves a spiked wine called The Mother of All Evils.
Zenopus' tower is called Tabah, the ruin, by those who don't recall the story of Zenopus, and the Thaumaturgist's tower is Beda-At, the new tower."

Here are links to the six parts; the last also has links back to all of them:

Nutshell Review & Prep Notes Part One: Room A

Part Two: Rooms B-E

Part Three: Rooms F & G

Part Four: Rooms H-M

Part Five: Rooms N-S3

Part Six: Wandering Monsters

Thank you, Joel!

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