Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TSR Print-On-Demand

Screenshot of the new options

Old school D&D is coming back "in print"!

Yesterday WOTC added a print-on-demand option to several of the TSR classics available on DMsGuild (aka DriveThruRPG aka RPGNow). Currently, only a handful of random products are included, but more should be added each week. You can find the products with the print options by going to, and then to "Narrow Results" at the top of the left sidebar and selecting "D&D Classics" under "Content" and "Print" under "Format". 

Link to the old school D&D items available for P.O.D.

[Disclosure: Link includes my Drivethru Affiliate # that gives me credit if you purchase]

Note there's an option to get the pdf along with the hardcopy for $2 extra.

Be warned that the print quality may vary greatly depending on the quality of the pdf. I looked at the previews for two pdfs. X2 Castle Amber has a poorly scanned pdf, and I saw a comment on G+ that the map(s) are incomplete (I couldn't confirm this from the limited preview). The pdf of L1 The Secret of Bone Hill looked better, so it may make for a decent printed copy. Also, from what I've heard the cover will be attached, not loose as in the original TSR modules, and all maps will appear in the books in the same order as they as they do in the pdf. Basically just a straight print of whatever you see in the pdf. I'll update this as further buyer reports come in.

More discussion on my favorite forums:  

And here's an announcement by the product manager on RPGnet:!&p=20593831#post20593831

Hopefully the recent OD&D reprints will be included soon!

I can't make this post without mentioning that Holmes Basic still remains unavailable in pdf format, let alone print-on-demand. New pdf offerings are still being added on a weekly basis, so hopefully it's still in the queue.

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