Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Portown Rumors in Brief

Here's a shorter table of the Portown Rumors, done in the style of the rumor tables in B1 In Search of the Unknown and B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. "F" denotes a false rumor. See the original post for more details on each rumor.

1.       A wizard in Portown once dug tunnels under his tower in search of ancient treasures.

2.       Portown was built on the ruins of an ancient city of unknown origin.

3.       A bottle of whiskey for an old man will buy a tale about the wizard he once worked for.

4.       A group went into the old ruins last year looking for treasure and never returned!

5.F     A mad wizard's gold is hidden under a hill, guarded by his vengeful ghost!

6.F     The old dungeons have nothing but empty tunnels and dangerous vermin.

7.       Bandits have been attacking caravans bringing up goods from the south.

8.       A merchant ship plying the Northern Sea is hiring guards to protect it from pirates.

9.       The best men-at-arms can be hired from Ajax at Warrior-For-Hire.

10.     The Guild is hiring extra guards to stop the nightly break-ins at the warehouses.

11.F   A magician on the west side of town is a dependable employer of adventurers.

12.     A drunk was fished out of the harbor after wandering into the sewers one night.

13.     The sea caves along the base of the sea cliff might hide pirate treasure.

14.     Merchants are complaining that their stolen goods keep reappearing in town.

15.F   The Lord's heir Lemunda the Lovely ran off with a band of adventurers!

16.     Fisherman have gone missing while checking crab pots to the west of the harbor!

17.F   The catacombs of the city hide many coffins filled with coins.

18.     A widow is offering a reward for an investigation of the scratching noises in her cellar.

19.F   Grave-robbers have been plundering coffins at the cemetery!

20.     A merchant is offering a reward for the return of his missing pet ape.

Update: These rumors, along with the longer versions, are now available as a Portown Rumors pdf

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