Monday, May 30, 2016

Cleric Spells Reference Sheet

I recently shared a MU Spell Reference Sheet (Levels 1-3) & now I've made a similar one for Clerics. With far less spells, I was able to fit an entire six levels onto a single sheet (!). The first two levels are from Holmes Basic, and the next four are from OD&D Vol 1 and the Greyhawk Supplement. However, since I had room I followed the lead of Gygax and added two new spells from AD&D to each of levels 3-6: Animate Dead (because OD&D/Holmes implies that both M-U and clerics can make skeletons/zombies), Glyph of Warding, Divination, Exorcise, Flame Strike, True Seeing, Heal and Stone Tell.

I didn't list out the details for the Reverse spells because OD&D and Holmes don't; generally they just do the opposite.

My decorative cartoon at the top of the sheet represents a cleric holding a "holy symbol", casting a spell. I made this symbol cross/ankh-like because OD&D and Holmes had wooden and silver crosses in the Equipment List.

The direct link for download is below, or you can find it on the Holmes Ref page.

Click here to download the Cleric Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-6

Any typos I spot after this post will be noted in the comments below for eventual correction.

Now that I've finished sheets for Character Creation & Progression, Spells, Monsters & Treasure, the Ref Sheet series includes most of the details necessary to run a Holmes-esque game up to level 6. I do plan to do another sheet for M-U Spells levels 4-6.


  1. Thanks for this! I wish I could mail all your Holmes supplements back to myself in 1981!

  2. Typos: two spells are out of alphabetical order. Commune should be 1st on the 5th level list, and Speak w/Monsters should be before Stone Tell on the 6th level.

  3. Thanks for the resources Zenopus! Can definitely use! Very good!