Friday, May 20, 2016

M-U Spells Level 1-3 Ref Sheet

Screenshot of the Magic-User Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-3

Above is a picture of my latest one-page pdf reference sheet for Holmes Ref, now ready for download and/or printing for your DIY DM screen. This one compiles brief summaries of all of the first to third level magic-user spells. The direct link is below, or you can find it on the Holmes Ref page. If you need the complete Third Level Spell descriptions (since Holmes only provides a list), the Holmes Ref page also has a link to that sheet; see also the original post about it.

Another use for these sheets is for PC or NPC spellbooks. Simply use one sheet per character and mark (circle, check etc) the spells of each level which are known.

Click here to download the M-U Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-3


  1. Typo spotted, Read Magic should say "Caster can read..."

  2. Typo: Darkness effect, second word "om" should be deleted.