Friday, December 4, 2015

Character Creation Worksheet - Revised

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Above is a revised version of the Character Worksheet for Holmes Basic (the first version is here). Based on feedback from Desert Scribe, I add the Thieves' backstab ability (inadvertently left out of the previous version) and Movement rates. Each was a bit of a formatting challenge as I've been trying to stick with a single sheet. But I think led to an overall improvement. Saving Throws are now listed up in the Class section, which makes sense since they are class specific. Armor Class, the Combat Table and Move are all together in a table after equipment purchase, since they are all dependent on armor worn.

Once I'm reasonably satisfied with a version, the pdf will be posted up on the Holmes Ref page. Also, once the format is stabilized I also plan to make a blank character sheet version, if you want to copy the information over to it.

Update: Also available is a version of this sheet without line shading.


  1. This reminds me of the Dungeon World playbooks, which try to provide all the information necessary for your character on the sheets themselves with minimal text referencing. It's made a bit easier given that you start by selecting a class... but that's probably not aligned with the Holmes approach to char gen.

    DW playbooks:

  2. Very nice! Makes me want to roll up a character to play in your campaign. Thanks for considering my feedback.