Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Names One-Sheet

Screenshot of Holmesian Random Names One-Sheet (click for larger view)
I've formatted the Holmesian Random Name tables as a one-page pdf. 

Download it here (version 1.0 - no shading) or here (version 1.1 - with line shading)

Upgraded features:
1. More Holmes. I went through Holmes' D&D fiction and added a bunch more syllables. 
It's now possible to roll up Boinger, Zereth, Ajax or other names from Holmes' stories. 

As a result there are now 200 entries for the syllable portion. Some appear twice, all of which are ones that appeared in two different names in the sources. So there's a slightly higher chance of rolling one of these syllables.

I added the syllables "Ek" and "Omes" so you could possibly roll up "Erekomes" (which I once used for a wizard's name). The list already had the syllables "Car" "Mich" and "Ael" from the "Saint Carmichael" mentioned in B1, so I wanted a Holmes tribute as well.

2. More Titles. There are now 100 entries on the title table. The additional ones are just from brainstorming on my part for interesting titles. I made an effort to include terms favored by H.P. Lovecraft (gibbous, beetling etc) since Holmes was a big fan of his work.

The one-sheet includes a few examples created using the new sheet (and Holmes dice, of course). Here are a few more:

Am-zef the Arcane
Alem Yor the Ominous
Ger Arkagaith 
Zengar Ky the Dandy
Sporr the Perceptive

Update: I revised the table to include line shading for readability. This is version 1.1. I'll leave up the original version (1.0) in case that is preferred by anyone.


  1. Good to see that Kracky the Hooded One is accounted for.