Monday, July 22, 2013

Holmes Clone nominated for award

A Holmes clone, Mazes & Perils, has been nominated for an ENnie for Best Free Game.

The pdf can be downloaded from free here at RPGnow.
From the product description:
"Mazes & Perils is a game of imagination and role playing in a fantasy world, suitable for ages 10 and up. To play, you need this standalone rulebook, some dice, paper, pencils, a few friends, and your imagination. If you have played other fantasy role playing games, the Mazes & Perils rules may feel familiar to you. Inspired by the 1977 “Holmes” version of the worlds most popular role playing game, Mazes & Perils goes beyond what the Holmes version provided, allowing for longer-term campaigns. Even if you don’t need another standalone fantasy role playing game, you may find a few useful new ideas herein that you can use with your other games. This PDF is absolutely free of charge, and always will be!" 
The name is, obviously, a tribute to Holmes' 1986 novel, The Maze of Peril.
Congratulations to the editor, Vincent Florio of the Evil GM blog.


  1. Sounds cool, but how does the sample dungeon measure up?

  2. The funny thing is that the original iteration of the game was the exact copy (not a clone) of Holmes D&D. :)