Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holmes' Little Metal People

"MINIATURES - Dr. Eric Holmes with a few of his D&D Figures"

As reported on the Acaeum, the Holmes Collection includes over 200 lbs of miniatures. In 1979, Dr. Holmes was interviewed by Beth Ann Krier as part of a L.A. Times article about the D&D phenomena. This article, called "Fantasy Life in a Game Without End", can be seen here. Among other topics, Holmes relates that he "has invested a fair amount of time and money amassing and painting thousands of fantasy miniatures used in the game. 'I'm lucky I don't have any other hobbies,' he says". 

The photo above by Tony Bernard accompanied the article. Holmes' 1981 book Fantasy Role-Playing Games, has an entire chapter, Little Metal People, dedicated to the topic of collecting, painting and using miniatures in D&D. The chapter includes a number of pictures of minis available from various companies at the time.

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