Friday, May 17, 2013

Dungeon! Inventory

After playing Dungeon again tonight for the umpteenth time, I finally got around to checking my set (the 1981 revision) versus the inventory list found on Boardgame Geek. As it turns out, I'm missing just a few treasure cards, and no unique ones.

I was also interested in the numbers from a design perspective, since I am toying around with making an alternate board to use with the game for some variety. So using inventory lists I made a summary of the numbers of Monsters, Treasures & Rooms/Chambers in the original (1975) and first revision (1980/1981) of the Dungeon Boardgame. See above.

The first four columns list the number of Monster & Treasure cards for each level. As you can see, the number of Treasure cards exactly matches the number of Rooms on each level, and this was not changed in the revision. In contrast, the number of Monster Cards were drastically reduced in the 1981 revision. This is due to a difference in how the cards are used in the game. In the original version, the Monster & Treasure Cards were placed directly on the board in each room, so extra Monster Cards were needed for the Chambers, which restock. In the revision, the cards were made larger and no longer fit in the rooms, so they are placed in piles off the board. This meant that less Monster Cards were needed, because the monsters in the pile could just be continually reused. The number of Monster Cards was basically cut in half for each of levels 2-6, although no monsters were removed.

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  1. And to think I wanted the 1981 set! I can't imagine playing the game without the cards on the rooms and am glad this was restored in the 1989 version I wound up getting.