Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holmes Blog Profile: Bogeyman Tone

     Bogeyman Tone is a relatively new blog, started this past Nov by a brand new (!) D&D player, and subtitled "Getting used to the Holmes way of things…"

     Early on, he posted:

     "As a newbie to the the whole D&D lark I’ve made the decision to use Holmes as my introductory rule-set. I’m attracted to the simplicity of early edition D&D and Holmes obviously has that in spades. My understanding of the Holmes edition is that it can also be dangerous and unforgiving, another appealing characteristic as I grew up with the gothic grimdark of the Warhammer world and it’s an atmosphere that I’m quite attached to.  Additionally, Holmes is open-ended enough to allow all sorts of additions, bolt-ons and amendments to the rules, and I think I may eventually want to tinker."

     The author then began developing a very interesting Hollow Earth campaign using the Holmes rules with inspiration from Pellucidar and other Inner Earth tales, detailed in a series of posts. For example:

     "PCs are generated as per Holmes, except that of course they will be stone-age, primitive versions of Clerics, Fighting Men, Magic Users and Thieves (and obviously equipped as such, with an X% chance of possessing some arcane technological device of the Titans). Demi-Human classes remain the same except for the following:
  • Halflings are primitive pygmies
  • Dwarves are albino troglodyte types
  • Elves are remnants of the Atlans
     Alternatively, PCs may elect to be a Stranger in a Strange Land. The premise:
  • All hollow-earth stories involve a visitor: someone who, either by accident or design finds themselves thrust into the earth’s core and subject to frequent and harrowing adventure. Thus, the Stranger."
     In conjunction with this, he also started some interesting threads over on the Holmes forum on the OD&D Discussion boards, such as Suggestion for Gods in a Holmes Campaign.

     However, most recently he posted that his players want something more traditional, so he's going to start them with the Zenopus Sample Dungeon from the Holmes rulebook.

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