Thursday, October 24, 2019

Coming Soon: Zenopus 5E conversion

Coming soon to DMs Guild:

Into the Ruins of the Tower of Zenopus, a conversion of the 1977 original to 5E D&D! 

And including notes for using it as the Tower of Zenopus adventure site in Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

It's 16 pages long, with the following pages:

Placing the Dungeon, pg 2
Dungeon Key, pg 3-9
Appendix A: Dungeon Factions, pg 10
Appendix B: Portown Rumors, pgs 11-13
Appendix C: Use with Ghosts of Saltmarsh, pg 14-15
Appendix D: Pre-generated 1st level characters, pg 16

* * * * *

Update: This is now available, see this post


  1. Super cool. Are you going to include any kind of conversion guide for how someone might handle other Holmesian monsters and NPC's not in the key?

  2. Very nice. Let me know if you need any proofreaders!