Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Delta's D&D Hotspot: Tomb of Ra-Hotep

The map of The Tomb of Ra-Hotep. Source: Paul's Gameblog

Delta has a report on running the Tomb of Ra-Hotep, the OD&D dungeon by Alan Lucien that inspired Gygax's Tomb of Horrors (and Necropolis, it seems). It was included as an extra in the reprint of the original tournament version of Tomb of Horrors, which was itself an extra with the Special Edition of last year's Art & Arcana.

HelgaCon: Tomb of Ra-Hotep

Continuing the Helgacon wrap-up this year. For the first time I also ran: The Lost Tomb of Ra-Hotep Originally written by Mr. Alan Luc...

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  1. Is there a key? That seems super cool!

  2. I'm not greedy, I'm curious

  3. There is a key. It's a pretty neat piece of history.

    Really wish I'd gotten that Special Edition copy.