Thursday, April 11, 2019

Clarissa's Further Career

It's Smitin' Time! (Source)

Our favorite Neanderthalian RPG scholar Timrod recently unthawed again to share a series on the further careers of beloved example characters from those old rulebooks we spend so much time with. Here Tim reports on what Priestess Clarissa ("Clarissa the Cleric" in the Holmes Manuscript) got up to after she smashed that giant spider with her mace.

P.S. I finally learned how to use Embedly.

Rogues gallery: Clarissa the Cleric, Spider Crusher

Back in the Holmes Basic Set, Clarissa the Cleric famously avenged the death of Bruno the Battler by staving in with one mighty swing of her mace the nasty giant spider that poisoned poor Bruno. This was a life-changing moment for Clarissa; her first time swinging her mace in combat met with such satisfying success.

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