Saturday, December 15, 2018

Player Map for Zenopus Dungeon

Player Map - click for a larger view and/or download

Above is a Player Map for my Return to the Tower of Zenopus game (now retitled In Search of the Brazen Head of Zenopus) that I ran this past June at North Texas RPG Con. I took the original manuscript map drawn by J. Eric Holmes and removed the letters and the secret passage. Also note that this map doesn't exactly correspond to the dungeon as published, as the TSR cartography added a few empty rooms and rearranged some corridors. In game, this can reflect the inaccuracy of the mapper who made it.

You can use this for the original dungeon, perhaps with brand new players who have never mapped before or if you have limited session time. Or with any sequel or other dungeon using the same map. In my con game it represents the efforts of earlier adventurers, 40 years prior.

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  1. This blog entry of yours got me searching for what others have done for beneath this level. I found:

    Some of the components aren't available from the provided links anymore. Anyone else have good links to those levels? The side view looks way cool and the available maps & keys look good too. ...And if you hadn't noticed this link before, I hope you like it. It looks like a better fit than the Goodman's Mysterious Tower which I mistook for Dungeon Crawl #3 and a better fit than Castle Zenopus. But I want to list those here in case they may be of interest to other Zenopus-fans.