Monday, June 25, 2018

Dimestore Bulette

They are still out there waiting to be unearthed! Above is a 1970s dimestore bulette that I recently rescued from the bottom of a bin of plastic dinosaurs at a vintage toy store. This is the Chinese-manufactured toy upon which the D&D monster was based. I had several sets of these 'Prehistoric Monsters' when I was a kid, well before I heard of D&D. We called this one Blaster, and it had two powers ---- it could "explode" itself, and travel through the ground, similar to a bulette but more like phasing.

Holmes himself owned several of these bulettes. For a picture, see this post ---


  1. Got a dollar general dinosaur tube the other day for my five year old son. Didn't have a rust monster or bulette, but did have one of the same type, the one that looKS like a cross between a bipedal aradiology and a mosquito

  2. I had one of these also. Wonder if it's still somewhere in my parents' apt? I seem to remember mine leaping or flying through the air.