Monday, March 26, 2018

Into the Borderlands review by paleologos

Photo of the Black Blade booth by Guy Fullerton, from his Gary Con X album
(click photo for a larger view)

Advance copies of Into the Borderlands were on sale at Gary Con earlier this month, as shown above in a photo of the Black Blade Publishing booth. Also on the table are copies of Tales of Peril and issues one and two of the Holmes Basic art-inspired zine Fantastic! Exciting! Imaginative!

Dragonsfoot member paleologos purchased a copy of Into the Borderlands at the con and has now posted a comprehensive review of the book over there in the Reviews section:

Into the Borderlands (Goodman Games, 2018)


  1. Is Mike Carr around to ask what his concept for the tower was supposed to be in 1979? Was it supposed to be room 20 or a place off the map?

    1. I believe he has written or co-written a sequel adventure that will be run at Gary Con this year. But I don't have any contact information for him myself.