Sunday, July 23, 2017

Return to the Tower of Zenopus

As I wrote in my last post, this weekend marks 40 years since Origins III in 1977, the first known public release of the Holmes Basic Set. How I am celebrating?

Well, first off - my contributor copy of Tales of Peril arrived, and I opened it up late last night. It's a beautiful book. More on that later.

I'm thinking about a Holmes-inspired game I'd like to run at Gary Con next year. One idea I've had is a Return to the Tower of Zenopus. This would be set 40 years (naturally) after the events of the original when the smugglers were defeated and the dungeon entrance was sealed. Lady Lemunda is now the ruler of the town and trouble is stirring in the old dungeon. I would re-stock the dungeon using material from Maze of Peril, due to the thematic similarities. The pre-generated characters would be Boinger, Zereth & Murray (drawing from their character sheets in Tales of Peril) plus Hortensa, Geoffrey, Brother Ambrose, etc.


  1. That's a nice idea, about the pregens. I think you should only allow people to play who have 70s hairdos and are wearing sweater vests.

  2. I am doing the same for NTRPGCon in Dallas next year. I have an updated map, where I am adding a surprise or two... hmu if you are interested in some idea-sharing

    1. Before showing the changes, I needed to re-create the original map in my style. This link points to a layered pdf (you can turn on and off the keys). The original dungeon PLUS rooms S1 and S2.

      With Layers:
      -- you can use two different ways to key the map
      -- you can turn the room legend on/off