Monday, January 16, 2017

A Dungeon Map

Dungeon Map by Zenopus Archives. Click for a Larger View

Above is a draft of a dungeon map I've been slowly working on the last month or so. I finally finished the final layout/walls, so I thought I'd post it. I hope to turn it into a stocked Holmes Basic/OD&D Dungeon. This isn't necessarily the final draft as I may add more features to particular rooms once I thinking more about the room contents.

Current features (clockwise from left), which I added for variety while drawing:
-Entrance double doors on left. Next to the doors are 'peepholes' that can be used to spy in or out of the rooms on either side of the doors.
-Room with tentacles that extend from walls
-Room with 20' x 20' square pit
-Room with chasm with waterfall at end and river running through it
-Room filled with rubble
-Room with five alcoves
-Two-way chasm extending through room and walls
-Room with three 'closets' - doors resemble rock walls so can be treated as concealed
-Room with wall in middle full of arrow slits
-Staircase up to room with weird tentacle statue.
-Room with rectangular pool - magical, of course
-Room filled with gas
-Large central/final room with "viewing area" surrounded by metal bars (denoted by dots), and "maw" on west wall.


  1. Great stuff! Did you draw it free-hand? If not, how did you create it? Is there a model (in Holmes or anywhere else) for the sort of Gothic/highly detailed wall thing that you did?

    1. Thanks! I did draw it freehand, using a mechanical pencil and graph paper. The design I developed in some prelimary sketches.

  2. This is really cool. I like how there are some areas which upon first glance loon nigh impassable then on a closer inspection realize that egress might be mage with smaller characters or by leaving one's packs behind. Also I can imagine stocking the place with ankhegs, carrion crawlers, hook horrors, and maybe some automated sentries of some sort.

    1. Thank you. I forgot to mention that the narrowest passages are meant to be peepholes. Others are narrow but still passable by means you mentioned.

  3. Very cool, the walls look like they might be made of shoggoth skins.

    1. I agree. It almost looks like skin -- or maybe the whole thing is an extra-dimensional projection of Shub-Niggurath's bowels! Or The Garden of Adompha! Very cool!

    2. I was thinking sort of a living rock, but the circles do bring to cellular organelles. I will have to do another that looks explicitly like cells.