Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Save or Die Interview

The latest episode of the Save or Die! podcast, Episode 124, features an interview with yours truly. Here's the teaser:

"The Dmigoes welcome to Save or Die….the Mad Wizard Zenopus from the Holmes Basic set! Ok, not the wizard himself, but Zenopus from the esteemed blog Zenopus Archives. We talk about J. Eric Holmes, Purple Worms, and why so many dungeons have rivers flowing through them at one point or another?"

It was great fun recording the show & I'd like to thank Jim, Liz and Mike for having me on!

The Episode 124 page has several links for topics we discussed. Here are a few more:

Dungeon made with Lego Heroica

Gygax's Castle Greyhawk Dungeon Level One handout from Origins II

Holmes Manuscript series - index of posts 


  1. Thanks, and it was great having you on the show! Sorry we missed these other links, but Liz and I just got back from out of state....with a river no less! Ok, it was the Mississippi and not underground but still pertinent. ;)

    DM Mike

  2. It was great hearing your voice on the podcast, Zenopus! Totally different than what I pictured in my head (a slightly more sinister Gargamel from the Smurfs). We seem to have started off with D&D in similar ways. I had the same Holmes set as you, (B2 w/ chits) though I think I got mine for Xmas 79'. Like you, I never really PLAYED Holmes – we really got the game going with the more concise Moldvay - but I still remember getting my set and that feeling of finding something arcane and amazing. I think I started following your blog just a few days before you began the Holmes manuscript posts and I eagerly read every installment. It really helped to pull me back to those times when that blue book was like an artifact from another time. Following the posts also made me realize how much David C. Sutherland III had a hand in those early perceptions. His style and technique was one of the least polished of all the early TSR artists, but his drawings are somehow so evocative. I think the title page illustration is probably my favorite. Pig-faced orcs forever! Thanks for all the time you've spend digging and revealing. Maybe you're not so evil after all!

  3. It was really great show! Thanks for additional links . I have read them one more time.