Saturday, June 18, 2016

Free RPG Day: Holmes Ref 1.0

Before NTRPG Con, I put together a 10-page pdf of Holmes Ref sheets which I thought might be handy for a pick-up game. While I didn't get a chance to use it there, I thought I would make the compilation available today for Free RPG Day.

Holmes Ref 1.0 includes:

1. Character Generation Worksheet
2. Blank Character Sheet (new!)
3. Advancement Reference Sheet (formerly "Holmes + OD&D Bridge Table")
4. Holmesian Random Names
5. Backgrounds for Human Characters (optional)
6. Cleric Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-6
7. Magic-User Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-3
8. Monster Reference Sheet
9. Magic Item Reference Sheet
10. Pre-Generated 1st Level Party

The new blank character sheet matches the format of the character generation sheet for ease in transferring information.

Click here to view or download Holmes Ref 1.0

I'll use the comments section below to record any typos noted for future correction.

The individual sheets remain available via the Holmes Ref page

What's next?
A glaring deficiency is the M-U spells Levels 4-6, so I'm working on a sheet for those.


  1. This is fantastic. Thank you!

  2. You could run a pretty good campaign with just this assortment. 8 whole sheets of paper! (Though what I'd really like to see for Holmes D&D is an adaptation of the Wilderness rules; that would make it complete for me!)

  3. That all kind of fits on a DM Screen...