Sunday, February 1, 2015

One-Page Backgrounds

Screenshot preview of Backgrounds Reference Sheet. Use the link below for download.

Last summer I posted 20 backgrounds for human characters in OD&D/Holmes, and promised to eventually make them available as a single page reference sheet. It's been a while, but here is the link for viewing/download. It's also available via the Holmes Ref page.

I revised one entry ("Orcish" aka Half-Orc) based on comments in the original thread that it was too strong. Instead of a +1 to hit in non full-daylight and 1d6 damage without weapons, they now get Infravision, -1 to hit in full daylight, and +1 hp at first level. The +1 hp is based on Orcs being 1 HD whereas normal humans are d6 (in Holmes Basic).

This sheet omits my sources/reasoning for the different backgrounds, so see the original thread for that info.


  1. I just bought a blank white box at Michaels, which is going to become a boxed set of "Advanced Holmes Basic" with a Holmes rulebook and as many resources as I can pull together, either in loose leaf or compiled into a book of their own.

    This is now one of those. Thank you.

  2. I love backgrounds. I think they are one of the best 'new' things. These are very neat, with the special powers for each.