Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Maze of Peril on sale at NK

Noble Knight is having their annual Fall Sale, and they have J. Eric Holmes' 1986 novel, The Maze of Peril, in stock for $8.96 plus shipping. As of this post, there are 12 copies 0 copies available (now listed as being "on order"). They have been re-stocking the book periodically; I'm guessing by ordering from the publisher, Space & Time Books in NY, who as of a few years ago still had a few hundred copies left from the original printing of 1000.

For the uninitiated, this 147-page novel chronicles the first meeting and adventures of Boinger the Hobbit and Zereth the Elf, who had earlier appeared in the three short stories in Dragon magazine. The story grew out of Holmes' actual OD&D games with his sons.

For a great review of The Maze of Peril, see this 2011 post on Delta's D&D Hotspot.
See also my 2006 overview pointing out similarities to Holmes' Sample Dungeon.
See also this earlier post with links to more reviews, and info if you want to try to mail order it directly from the publisher.

I have a copy on order to give away in December, in my annual "Holmes for the Holidays". Stay tuned!