Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random Names now automated

Automated H.N.R courtesy Flight Commander

The Holmesian Random Names are now automated on the web in two different formats:

(1) The first is by Wizardawn (Dragonsfoot member), who has a great site of the same name jam-packed with all sorts of resources, including a Random Fantasy Names page. On this page you can select the type of name you are interested in, which now includes "Holmesian - Female" and "Holmesian - Male". (This goes a bit further than my original tables, which didn't distinguish by sex because most of the pregens in B1 are not identified as such). The results are a list of ten names. Both can be selected at the same time. Sample Results:

Holmesian Female Names
 - Trazenne
 - Malborne
 - Dongarne
 - Berdraltina the Quick
 - Trebphilquevakiene
 - Venhaquemichne
 - Vakkractratenina the Mighty
 - Karbafina XII
 - Loboroina
 - Alraltova

Holmesian Male Names
 - Noo
 - Karsur
 - Mezpal
 - Cigtue the Steady
 - Webkar
 - Lefhagdonda
 - Muntar
 - Tolef the Traveller
 - Ralttar the Barbarian
 - Raltgahn the Steady

(2) Flight Commander on the OD&D Discussion Forums also automated the random names. Simply go to this link to generate a single new name. For additional names, simply click on the words "Another Holmesian Random Name". There's a sample result posted at the top of this post. In addition to Yoryortas, some other keepers that it generated for me:

Zen Sit of the Woods
Me the Boy
Ev Chor 
Glenzenme the Cruel
Ralt Nic the Quick
Lu the Loud
Zo Sur 
Ram the Mighty
Fum Zo the Second
Fan Tas
Doh Ful the Unknown

Thanks to Wizardawn and Flight Commander for putting these together!


  1. All of these make me happy. :-)

  2. This'll come in handy if I need names in a pinch and can't roll myself. Imma give it a shot, now. My result: Meztar E Mil the Old. Wow. That sounds awesome, actually.