Saturday, June 15, 2013

Every Day is Free RPG Day

...on the internet. How about twenty monsters, each with but a single hit point, to go up against one or two first level characters?

 Or free pdfs of a complete OD&D Clone, Delving Deeper?

Or free pdfs of Holmes Basic clones Blueholme Prentice or Mazes & Perils?

But today is also FREE RPG DAY 2013 in a participating store near you: Store Locator.

Azathoth returns!
And here's the loot list for 2013.

The OSR is well-represented with modules for Swords & Wizardry (by Frog God Games), LotFP, DCC RPG, Tunnel & Trolls and Castles & Crusades

Noble Knight Games is also offering each of the items on-line for 1 cent each along with a $15 purchase (i.e., get one 1 cent item per $15 spent). See their blog post.

[this post is an updated version of the one posted last year on Free RPG Day 2012]

As announced today as part of Free RPG Day, all issues of the Fight On! zine will be offered for free for short periods of time. Issue #2 (Summer 2008) is currently a free download on Lulu (account required).

The OSRIC (AD&D clone) module AA10 The Lost Keys of Solitude (levels 6-10) is being offered as a free download on RPGnow, starting a few days ago.

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