Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Equipment Packs, take II

I've been re-thinking the equipment packs from my previous post.

First, here's a generic pack that can be bought by any character for a discount.
It's 50% of the normal cost because it is  previously owned and reclaimed equipment from deceased adventurers. The buyer will note some scratches and use to the equipment. The entire pack must be purchased as the retailers are trying to move the surplus material.

Adventurer's Pack (40 gp value for a cost of 20 gp)
Water/Wine Skin
Leather Backpack (300 coin capacity), holding:
  • Iron Rations (1 person for 1 week)
  • 50' rope
  • 12 Iron Spikes
  • Mallet & 3 Stakes
  • Tinderbox & 12 Torches
  • 2 Flasks of Oil
  • 2 Large Sacks (300 c.c.) and 1 Small Sack (50 c.c.)
Using this as a base we then have the following starting equipment for each class:

Chainmail & Shield
Sword & Spear
Short Bow & Quiver with 20 Arrows
Adventurer's Pack

3 gp

Book of First Level Spells (contains known spells)
Scroll with one first level spell (choose from known spells)
2 daggers
10' Pole
Adventurer's Pack
3 gp

Chainmail & Shield
Wooden Cross (or other holy symbol)
1 Vial of Holy Water
1 Bunch of Wolvesbane 
Adventurer's Pack
8 gp

Leather Armor
Sword & Dagger
Short Bow & Quiver with 20 Arrows & 3 Silver Arrows
10' Pole
1 Set of Thief's Tools
Adventurer's Pack
6 gp

Totals are still based on 110 gp, except for the Magic-User whose total is 130 gp (or gets his scroll at a discount for 80 gp). 


  1. To save costs and encumbrance for 1st level PCs, I usually buy only 25' coils of rope. I have rarely needed 50' of rope on a 1st dungeon level.

  2. I like these Zen. Definitely facilitates char gen! I did the same kind of thing awhile back.

  3. I don't see why anyone would offer that much of a discount for used equipment. Discounts are given in order to develop repeat business-steady customers.

    Even in a world where adventuring is an accepted or recognized advocation, their suppliers are not going to see much repeat business-adventurers either die, or get rich (in which case they won't be shopping for used equipment at the discount adventurer's supply hut).