Friday, January 18, 2013

Quote of the Week - Zereth on the "Gods"

Zereth listened a moment at the entryway and then threw the great door shut.

"Hear anything?" asked Boinger.

"Yes, still behind us, whatever it is." He sat on the stone. "Why do we go through this?" he asked. "Is it greed or glory?"

"Some sages say we have a need to find death," suggested Boinger.

"Sometimes," said the elf, "I think that the gods do drive us for their own amusement."

-the end of chapter 2 of The Maze of Peril (1986) by J. Eric Holmes

Here Zereth seems to break the fourth wall with some insight into his own nature as a D&D character and the "gods" (us) that control the characters. Zereth and Boinger were two of Chris Holmes' first D&D characters in Dr. Holmes' campaign, circa 1975.

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