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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Portown by Paleologos

Portown by Paleologos. Click for a larger view
If you haven't seen it before, the map above is a fantastic rendering of Portown designed by Holmes aficionado Paleologos and posted on Dragonsfoot in 2010. It's based on the "medieval Aegean port-town of La Canea" (modern Chania in Crete), which adds versimilitude. The linked post also provides a sentence or two about each of the fifteen locations listed on the key.

Paleologos has carefully constructed the map according Holmes' few details about Portown. Zenopus' tower (Area 4, now ruins) was "on the low hills overlooking Portown", "close to the sea cliff west of town", and next to the graveyard (Area 2, also on a hill as with some real world graveyards). There's a separate cemetery placed according to the mention in the ghouls' room in the dungeon (Room P; "a short dirt tunnel which ends blindly under the cemetery"). The thaumaturgist's tower (Area 5) is also properly placed with respect to the entrance to the dungeon, but also near the city streets where the ape in his tower can potentially escape to. The sea cave (Room M) in the dungeon is connected to the sea by a 500' tunnel. In town proper, where there are less clues with respect to areas and location, there's the Green Dragon Inn (Area 12), and Warriors For Hire (Area 13) from the Maze of Peril. Area 12 also includes private residences such as the home of Lemunda's father, "a powerful lord in the city".


  1. Neat! I guess I must have missed that one first time around.

  2. I always assumed the graveyard and cemetery mentioned were the same place, it seems odd to have two burial grounds so close to ease other.